Welcome to my new website and blog. I will be regularly updating this blog alongside my Tumblr, www.phoebewahl.tumblr.com. I am retiring my old blog, phoebewahl.blogspot.com (which I've had since I was 15!) although I'll keep it around for at least a little while as an archive of my work. I am so humbled and appreciative of all the support I receive from all of you, and can't wait to start posting some new things. This summer I am working on some very exciting projects with my lovely friends at Taproot magazine, as well as my first children's book which will be published by Tundra Books in 2015! 

There are also lots of other ways to see my project updates and photos, I recently created a Facebook page, plus my Twitter, Etsy, Pinterest, and inspiration blog Phoebe-Bird are all open to you! 

Thank you so much!