Hello & happy September!

First of all, I know I originally said my Etsy shop would be back up and running by September...and alas that hasn't happened yet, due to the massive amount of other work I've been doing (mostly on my book, Sonya's Chickens coming out next year, and LOTS of goodies for Taproot). I really appreciate everyone's patience and the constant flow of enthusiasm I receive about not only the re-opening of my shop, but my work in general. As of now, my plan is to have my shop open on October 1st, with new items being added as the holidays approach. 

Secondly, I know I am SO BEHIND on my Harry Potter a Day project. It was really only a matter of time until I fell off the bandwagon... if you want to catch up on some of the characters I created since days 1 & 2, you can do so on the project's official blog: hpaday.tumblr.com. I've decided that instead of overwhelming myself with trying to go back and do all the days I've missed, I'll just start picking up where I left off as I have time :)

Also, I had the pleasure of welcoming Monet Moutrie of Cord and her family into my home/studio a while back. Cord is a birth & motherhood blog out of Colorado. You can see the feature here: cordmama.com/blog/inspired-phoebe-wahl. You can also see a feature on Monet’s own blog: anecdotesandapples.com/inspired-phoebe-wahl. Thanks so much Cord, & Monet!

AND I was also featured in an Art On The Hill post at Kettle Pot Tracks. You can see that feature here: kettlepottracks.com/2014/09/05/art-on-the-hill-featuring-phoebe-wahl/. I even wrote a new artist statement for it! Thanks so much Kettle Pot Tracks! 

I'm headed to the East coast for the next week to see friends and table with Taproot at the Common Ground Country Fair! If you're in the Northeast and feel like taking a trip to Maine, come say hello! 



Image courtesy of Monet Moutrie

Image courtesy of Monet Moutrie

Here are some photos of the time I spent in my hometown of Bellingham, WA last week: