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In 2011 when I was a junior at RISD, I had the pleasure of spending the day with Salley Mavor at her home and studio in Massachusetts. Though generations apart, both of us had the same professor during our respective RISD years, Judy Sue Goodwin Sturges, who encouraged me to reach out to Salley after seeing the fabric sculptures I began to make in her class.

 For those of you unfamiliar with Salley's work, she is an acclaimed creator of many children's books and an absolutely mind-bogglingly incredible craftswoman. See a little documentary I love about Salley's work below:

This post is part of a blog tour celebrating Salley's new book Felt Wee Folk: New Adventures which is an incredible treasury chalk full of detailed, step by step instructions, patterns and inspiration to make your very own Wee Folk dolls. I greatly admire Salley's incredibly neat, comprehensive way of working. Though inspired by Salley's work, my own process when it comes to fabric sculpture making is so much more chaotic, spontaneous and fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, which is why I was so amazed looking through Felt Wee Folk: New Adventures at the level of detail and specificity in the garments and ornaments of each character pattern. There are 'recipes' for everything from wedding cake toppers, classic nursery rhyme figures, to every kind of flower and woodland fairy you can think of. 

Salley's work

Salley's work

I remember the day I spent with Salley at her studio as being completely magical. A much needed getaway from the chaos of college, where it's easy to forget the about world outside. I remember feeling comfortable with and connected to Salley immediately, she welcomed me into her home and studio with amazing warmth. Salley and I share many of the same obsessions with the minute, I loved seeing her collections of tiny things, dolls and animal figures, baskets full of acorn caps, wool roving, and felt. She, and her studio, felt familiar and comforting to me in the best possible way, and my visit with her offered much needed perspective on how many different ways there are to be as an illustrator. I saw so many of my own dreams for my life in Salley's beautiful home, studio, and sprawling garden. Her passion and commitment to her work is inspiring.

As part of this blog tour, Salley's publisher, C & T is offering a giveaway of a free copy of the new book, Felt Wee Folk: New Adventures and other goodies! To enter the giveaway, fill out this form with your name & email, specifying WEE FOLK GIVEAWAY in your subject line.  I'll choose an entrant randomly as the winner. 

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You can also find Salley's book on Amazon and in her Etsy shop! The complete blog tour can be followed here: