On October 1st, 2015 my Etsy shop will open for a special APPAREL & ACCESSORY POP-UP! You will have a TWO WEEK WINDOW OF TIME (until Oct. 15th) to order whatever tees etc. your heart desires, which will be made to orderand will ship out after my shop officially launches on November 1st! 

This will allow me to make as much inventory as is purchased, i.e. I won’t sell out! It also gives me the freedom to add many *NEW PRODUCTS* such as new t-shirt color ways, kids tees, baby onesies and BERNIE SHIRTS (50% of profits of which will go to the Bernie Sanders campaign)!!!

This will mean that apparel orders are separate from other product orders. For instance, if you’d like to order a print and a t-shirt, you’ll have to do so at different times. 


If you want to buy t-shirts, onesies, tote bags etc. you have from October 1st-15th. These orders will ship out in mid November, as they are made to order.

If you want to order prints, cards & other paper products, sculptures and holiday ornaments, you can do so from November 1st-November 15th. 

Functioning this way will greatly streamline the way my fulfillment and business works.

All the screen printing of my apparel and accessories is done by the incredible Erin of Red Boots Design, based here in Bellingham, WA. Without her, I couldn't function! To see a video of Erin printing one of my new Feminism tees, check out my Instagram ! 

Thank you so much for your patience and support! 

Love, Phoebe