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Better late than never...!

I've finally scanned the illustrations from my 2017 Slow Food Calendar I made in collaboration with Bison Bookbinding & Letterpress.  This calendar is no longer available for sale in my shop. But REJOICE all those who missed out, it WILL return as a 2018 calendar next year! 


I am SO excited to announce that I'm this year's recipient of the Ezra Jack Keats book award for new illustrators. Such an incredible honor! Thank you so much to the Ezra Jack Keats Foundatio, my publisher Tundra Book and my agent Jennifer Laughran at Andrea Brown Literary Agency.!!! Congratulations also to Don Tate, the winner of the new writer award, and all the honorees!


OCTOBER 1st--15th: My Etsy shop opens for a two week pop-up apparel & accessory pre-sale! All items will be made to order and ship out after my shop officially on Nov. 1st. 

OCTOBER 4th: I will be at Green Bean Books in Portland, Oregon! This is the re-schedule of my event that had to be cancelled in August. I'll be reading Sonya's Chickens and signing books at Green Bean on NE Alberta St. at 11am! I hope to see you there. 

OCTOBER 31st: I'll be tabling at SHORT RUN Comix & Arts Festival in Seattle, WA. Saturday, October 31st 11am-6pm at the Fisher Pavillion at Seattle Center. I'll have zines, cards, feminism duds, signed copies of my book & more!!! Come say hi and show me your Halloween costumes! 

NOVEMBER 1st--DECEMBER 15th: My Etsy shop OFFICIALLY re-opens with full inventory (and more will begradually added throughout!)


As the US House of Representatives voted to defund Planned Parenthood yesterday, I think there is no better time to share this zine I made recently. This zine is largely about choice, one that is rarely black and white. A choice that without safe spaces like Planned Parenthood, would not be available to most women. There is nothing more weighty and sacred than the decision to become a parent and bring a child into the world, which is why I strongly believe in upholding an individual’s freedom to be trusted with and empowered in that decision. #ISTANDWITHPLANNEDPARENTHOOD because however overwhelmed, conflicted or excited I am by my own personal reproductive options, it is everything to me to possess them.                 My body, my choice. 

Gray Area ©Phoebe Wahl 2015. Ink & Watercolor.



On October 1st, 2015 my Etsy shop will open for a special APPAREL & ACCESSORY POP-UP! You will have a TWO WEEK WINDOW OF TIME (until Oct. 15th) to order whatever tees etc. your heart desires, which will be made to orderand will ship out after my shop officially launches on November 1st! 

This will allow me to make as much inventory as is purchased, i.e. I won’t sell out! It also gives me the freedom to add many *NEW PRODUCTS* such as new t-shirt color ways, kids tees, baby onesies and BERNIE SHIRTS (50% of profits of which will go to the Bernie Sanders campaign)!!!

This will mean that apparel orders are separate from other product orders. For instance, if you’d like to order a print and a t-shirt, you’ll have to do so at different times. 


If you want to buy t-shirts, onesies, tote bags etc. you have from October 1st-15th. These orders will ship out in mid November, as they are made to order.

If you want to order prints, cards & other paper products, sculptures and holiday ornaments, you can do so from November 1st-November 15th. 

Functioning this way will greatly streamline the way my fulfillment and business works.

All the screen printing of my apparel and accessories is done by the incredible Erin of Red Boots Design, based here in Bellingham, WA. Without her, I couldn't function! To see a video of Erin printing one of my new Feminism tees, check out my Instagram ! 

Thank you so much for your patience and support! 

Love, Phoebe

I spoke to the folks at Proud2Bme a while back about making body positive art. You can find the interview HERE. 

If there’s one thing I’d add to what I said, it’s that too often (and especially after reading and thinking about this article) constantly striving to be positive and self-loving can crash and burn (for me personally, at least) by easily becoming one more personal failing to be hard on myself about. I’m guilty when I feel I haven’t done all I could to embrace and love myself on any given day. It is an exhausting prospect, and one born of privilege. When you put the weight entirely on your own shoulders to empower yourself, it becomes easier to crush yourself in turn. Self hate is not your fault. Beauty is a cultural construct. Our society capitalizes on the systematic shaming of bodies.  The system is misogynistic, racist, ableist, homophobic and transphobic. You are not a failure if you cannot and do not always love yourself. Rather, the system is a failure for not loving you. When I feel most confident about my body, it’s not on the days I eat lots of salad and repeat affirmations in the mirror. It’s on the days I’m so busy that I have other things on my mind. The days I’m working on projects I’m passionate about, or with friends, or camping and not looking in a mirror for weeks. When I’m not thinking about loving or hating myself, is when I’m happiest. Because it’s then that my ‘beauty’ settles comfortably into the place it belongs: completely irrelevant to my value as a human being

July 15th!

This Wednesday, July 15th you can find limited edition Wahl Sisters pencil bags & Dopp kits in the Wahl Sisters pop-up Etsy shop!  The shop is only open for ONE WEEK, so snap them up while you can!!! 

My sister Tobie hand makes the bags using fabrics I designed. They are lined with oil cloth, which makes them fantastic not only for toiletries, but art supplies too! Many a time an inky pen has leaked in my Wahl Sisters pencil bag and was completely contained. 

After this run, these fabrics will be discontinued! The pop-up shop runs from July 15th-22nd, and after that bags won't be available again until the holidays (with new fabric patterns!)

Birth Processional

“Escorted by many support creatures, a fairy queen carries a hummingbird egg, cushioned by cottonwood fluff inside of a walnut shell, as a symbolic offering to her midwife during the Birth Processional Ceremony. The midwife is dressed in traditional garb to identify her as a high ranking elder with wisdom in wildcrafted medicine. The queen only gives birth every two hundred years, and it is an occasion widely celebrated throughout her reigning woodland region. The identity of her child’s other parent is unknown to all but the queen herself. The baby, always female, will one day inherit the mossy throne.” -PW


My little comic Fairy Ring is in the latest issue of Emergence newspaper, published here in Bellingham by Neoglyphic Media! Check their website to order online or find a stockiest near you! You can also find my friend Ben Nadler's work within the pages, amongst so many other wonderful artists. See the full comic HERE.