Crab Creek Camping

I had a wonderful time on the Cascadia Tracking Association’s trip to Crab Creek, WA this weekend. The landscape is so incredibly different over on the East side of the state! I loved doing some loose field sketches while exploring. Now that I’m out of college, it’s hard to make time for relaxing, mindless drawings and painting exercises from life. 

Sunset at Crab Creek. 

Cow on the Mountain. 

Day 1

Today I'm beginning a project I decided to start on a whim last night, where I draw a Harry Potter character a day. I'm calling it HP A Day. The books have long been a deep, sacred obsession of mine, and I feel like some kind of fan art project now that I'm an adult is LONG overdue. The drawings will be varying degrees of finish/detail/complexity depending how much time and energy I have. 

So here's Day 1: Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.