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Sonya's Chickens!

My book, Sonya's Chickens is now available!!!

"Sonya is bereft when a fox takes one of the three chickens she’s cared for like a mother, but her papa comforts her with the idea that the fox is also trying to feed his family. Her family acknowledges Sonya’s grief with a small ceremony, and the child and her chickens move on. There’s an old-fashioned feel to this simple story and its timeless illustrations, created with watercolor, collage, and colored pencil and reminiscent of Goodnight Moon in mood, design, and palette. Inside, Sonya’s house is cozy and dark. In contrast, the world outside shines white, as background to text, with vignettes or a frame or portion of the opposite image spilling across the gutter. A warm scene of Sonya’s mixed-race family having dinner together is mirrored later on by one with the fox curled up with its kits, each family shown opposite a page with an egg-shaped text frame. Both words and illustrations emphasize comfort and the security a family can provide. But this is also a realistic description of chicken care, including preparing, cleaning, and repairing the coop, feeding the chickens, and making sure they have water and fresh straw—even finding eggs. A reassuring story about death in the natural world, thoughtfully designed and illustrated. " Kirkus Reviews

You can purchase Sonya's Chickens at your local bookstore, and also online at Powell's, The Strand, and Amazon

Julie Danielson, of Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast featured my book on her Kirkus blog today! Thank you so much Julie! 

I am also very excited to announce that Sonya's Chickens was selected to be in the Society of Illustrators New York's annual Original Art Exhibition! More info HERE

My launch at my local bookstore, Village Books in Bellingham, WA was a booming success! I had a wonderful time. Thank you so much to everyone who came out to support me! Village Books sold out of my book very quickly, but more are on their way! And I'll be signing the whole lot when they arrive. My event at Green Bean Books in Portland, Oregon unfortunately had to be cancelled due to a medical emergency, but I WILL be rescheduling for sometime this fall! The next event I have scheduled is at Longfellow Books in Portand, Maine on September 17th at 6pm! 

On display at  Green Bean Books  in Portland. 

On display at Green Bean Books in Portland. 

My dear friends & amazing illustrators  Sarah Green  (L) and  Esme Shapiro  (R) with their copies at  The Strand in NYC ! 

My dear friends & amazing illustrators Sarah Green (L) and Esme Shapiro (R) with their copies at The Strand in NYC

Coming in August...

I was excited last week to receive my advance copy of my book, Sonya's Chickens which is coming out August 11th, 2015! Working with Tundra Books on Sonya has been such a wonderful experience, August can't come soon enough! I will have lots more info soon about events relating to the release of the book. 

Although you CAN pre-order Sonya's Chickens on Amazon I would encourage you to be in touch with your local bookstore instead about pre-ordering, or add it to your wishlist on