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PO Box 2814

Bellingham, WA


Please refer to my FAQ (below) before contacting me.





  • Would you be interested in illustrating my book? If you have a publisher, maybe! Please contact my agent Jennifer Laughran with any book related queries:

  • Where can I buy your books? You can purchase or order my books anywhere books are sold. Please consider supporting your local independent bookstore before ordering from large companies like Amazon! If your local store doesn’t have it, they can special order it.

  • When is your next book coming out? Paper Mice (Simon & Schuster), written by Megan Wagner Lloyd, will be released Spring 2019. Little Witch Hazel (Tundra) is scheduled to come out Spring 2020, and The Blue House (Knopf) Summer 2020.

  • Do you make custom family portraits/wedding invitations/pieces? Yes, sometimes. Please contact me WELL IN ADVANCE (6 mo.-1 yr.) of your project deadline to see if I'm available:

  • What medium do you use?

    • For my full color illustrations, I do a mix of watercolor painting, collage with found and painted papers, and colored pencil & gouache.

    • For my black and white ink drawings, like in my zines, I use ink & brushes, or brush pens, such as this one, by Pentel.

    • For my limited palette surface designs, I work digitally using a Wacom Cintiq.

    • For my fabric sculptures, I use wool felt and various thrifted and repurposed fabrics, sewn around a wire armature.

  • What sketchbooks do you use? I either make my own, or I use Hand Book Journal Co. books.

  • Will you come speak at my school/business? Maybe! Contact me for availability:

  • I own a shop and would like to carry your merchandise, do you sell wholesale? Yes, occasionally:

    • If you are would like to carry my collection of letterpress work with Bison Bookbinding & Letterpress, please contact Bison:

    • If you're interested in non-letterpresses cards, prints, zines and other merchandise:

    • If you're interested in carrying books, please contact the publisher.

  • What is Sonya's Chickens about?

  • I saw your image "X" in Taproot Magazine, where can I buy a print? If you found it through Taproot, if there is a print it would be in their shop.

  • I can't find "X" in your shop, where can I buy one? If you don't see it in my shop, it's either temporarily sold out or I no longer carry it.

  • Do you retail your products at any brick & mortar locations? Yes! You can find my work at Palace, in Portland, OR, Bison Bookbinding & Letterpress in Bellingham, WA, an the Fairhaven Toy Garden in Bellingham, WA.